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Award-Winning Dog Training in Riverside, CA

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Advantages Of Enrolling Your Dog In Professional Training

  • Enhances Safety: Professional dog training instills crucial commands like recall, impulse control, and leash manners, making dogs safer in various real-world situations. Additionally, well-behaved dogs are less likely to harm their owners or others unintentionally.
  • Promotes Home Harmony: Effective communication with your dog is key to maintaining a harmonious household. Quality training ensures that your dog comprehends your expectations, leading to a more enjoyable companionship.
  • Mitigates Challenging Behaviors: Unwanted behaviors such as jumping, table begging, and excessive barking often stem from a lack of clear communication between humans and dogs. Our training approach equips families with insights into the underlying causes of these behaviors and how they may be inadvertently reinforced at home.
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Established Dog Training Programs in Riverside, CA

Board & Train

Our incredibly efficient program resembles an immersive boot camp experience tailored for dogs. By conducting the training within the duration of their stay at our resort, our canine students benefit from extensive one-on-one attention from our trainers, all while enjoying a harmonious blend of play and education. Included in the program are the following:

  • Access to all the amenities offered at our resort
  • Play sessions, either within a group or under the supervision of a dedicated caregiver
  • Multiple training sessions conducted daily
  • Daily health check-ups
  • Comprehensive take-home materials and practice exercises
  • Continuous support from our dedicated team

Private Lessons

For those pet owners who seek a more personalized approach, we provide two distinct options for private dog training sessions. At our facility, training occurs within a specially designed training area, incorporating adjustable levels of distractions to enhance your dog’s concentration when encountering real-life scenarios. Alternatively, we can arrange in-home sessions that involve the entire family.
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Group Training Classes in Riverside, CA

Explore our canine group training classes in Riverside, CA, which offer a classroom-style environment where a small class collaborates with one of our skilled trainers. Our range of group classes caters to various skill levels and objectives, ensuring there’s a suitable option for everyone.

Other Dog Training Programs

  • Puppy training
  • Canine sports
  • Pack acclimation
  • Aggression issues
  • Anxiety control
  • K9 Good Citizen training
  • Protection & other specialty training
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Other Services

Dog Boarding

Being pet owners ourselves, we fully understand the significance of your dog within your family. This is why we make it our mission to deliver a top-notch experience for each and every beloved furry companion. With our roomy accommodations, state-of-the-art facility, and round-the-clock care, Better K9 offers an experience that closely rivals the comfort of home. We offer:

  • Generously sized, private lodgings with outdoor access and round-the-clock oversight by extensively trained experts
  • Cozy and inviting lodgings
  • State-of-the-art climate control system
  • Daily thorough health assessments
  • Enjoyable background music for relaxation
  • Over one acre of play areas and swimming pools available at both our locations
  • Tailored options for smaller dog breeds
  • Riverside location welcomes less-social dogs

Dog Daycare in Riverside, CA

We understand that not all dogs thrive in group settings. At our Riverside facility, we are fully equipped to offer an exceptional daycare experience for dogs that enjoy human companionship more. Whether it’s one-on-one interactions or smaller group play sessions, we cater to dogs of varying social preferences, ensuring a delightful day for all.

Here are some of the reasons why pet experts and veterinary professionals recommend dog daycare:

  • Physical activity is essential for canine well-being
  • Enhances and fosters improved social abilities
  • Helps mitigate and minimize destructive behaviors
  • Provides a safer alternative to other forms of play

Dog Bathing and Spa

Few things are as huggable as a dog that looks and smells fantastic. Allow our expert spa team at Better K9 to spoil your pet, whether it’s a swift bath or a luxurious doggie spa experience!

Our skilled team members are trained to carefully inspect your pet’s skin, coat, paws, and ears, identifying any potential indicators of health issues.

Trimming your pet’s nails promotes healthy paw structure and posture while preventing potential discomfort caused by excessively long nails.

Our specialized tools are designed to effectively reach and remove trapped fur from your pet’s dense undercoat, a task that can be challenging to tackle at home. This significantly reduces shedding in your living space.

A clean coat, free from debris and loose hair, enhances your pet’s comfort, benefiting both your furry friend and you. It’s a win-win situation for all!

Dog Training FAQ

What vaccinations are required for training?
To keep our guests safe and healthy, we require all dogs be up to date on their vaccinations for rabies and Bordetella. We also highly recommend the canine influenza vaccinations.
What happens during the training evaluation?

You’ll meet one-on-one with a member of our professional training team to discuss your goals, challenges, and experiences. We’ll explain our processes, tell you about our programs and facility, and help determine the best training approach for your situation. This meeting is also the first step in developing your pet’s customized training program. Payment plans are available.

Can you work on a specific goal with my dog?
We’ve worked with dogs of all breeds, ages, and challenges, so we may be able to help with a particular challenge. When you come in for your free training evaluation, we’ll discuss how we can help.
Do you offer puppy training?
Yes! Starting training early is one of the most important things you can do for your dog. We offer a special puppy curriculum which builds a foundation for basic obedience, home manners, and early social skills.
Is my dog too old to benefit from training?
Never. It may require extra persistence, but dogs of any age can learn from good training.
Do you offer protection training?

Yes! We offer protection training at our Riverside location. Please call and speak to our team so we can explain how protection training at Better K9 works.


Riverside is a city in and the county seat of Riverside County, California, in the Inland Empire metropolitan area. It is named for its location beside the Santa Ana River. It is the most populous city in the Inland Empire and in Riverside County and is about 50 miles southeast of downtown Los Angeles. It is also part of the Greater Los Angeles area. Riverside is the 59th-most-populous city in the United States and the 12th-most-populous city in California. As of the 2020 census, it had a population of 314,998.

Riverside was founded in the early 1870s. It is the birthplace of the California citrus industry and home of the Mission Inn, the nation’s largest Mission Revival Style building.

The city prides itself on its historic connection to the navel orange, which Brazil introduced to North America in 1874. Riverside is home to the one surviving Parent Navel Orange Tree, from which all American West Coast navel orange trees are descended.

Audrey Selaya started her career as a Certified Master Trainer in 2008, initially operating from her home. Her specialization was in the rehabilitation of dogs dealing with anxiety and aggression. Over time, her business expanded, and clients began inquiring about additional services such as lodging. This demand prompted Audrey to collaborate with her sister, Veronica, and together, they established a comprehensive pet care facility. In 2015, the Selaya sisters proudly launched Better K9 in Riverside.

Audrey and Veronica, who collectively share their lives with five dogs, envisioned and established a facility that embodies the kind of experience they desired for their beloved furry companions. Better K9 takes immense pride in its eight years of dedicated service to meet the needs of dog owners in Riverside.